Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Our Skype Video!

Last year, my class got chosen to do a Skype ad with the class we were Skyping with in California. They came out with 2 videos, the first one pretty much all people from the states, the second one all us. I'm pretty sure the second one's  not official, but whatever. Here it is! P.S. I'm the only guy who got interviewed, so you can finally see me.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Best Video Part Ever

I just watched this video part from Secondhand Stoke by Roger Skateboards and went "Wow. This is skateboarding.". It's truly the perfect representation of skateboarding, using your elements to there fullest and being creative. This is a rare video. It's very freestyle-oriented, but there's street and pool in it, but not many people do freestyle anymore, so I thought it was pretty sick.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Top 10 Songs Of 2013

This is the second post in my top 10 of 2013 series. Today I'm gonna be listing my personal top 10 favorite songs. I have the list of criteria below, but I want to explain what feel means. When Taylor Swift wrote Trouble, what was the purpose she wanted the song to do compared to what Macklemore and Ryan Lewis wanted Same Love to do. Did Taylor Swift want Trouble to teach people, entertain people, have fun, or to make money. Did Macklemore and Ryan Lewis want Same love to teach people, entertain people, have fun, or make money. I find that what the purpose is influences how the artist and you feel about the song and how well the artist plays/sings it. I decided that it wouldn't be a criteria but I like songs that have good feel because the average love song doesn't cut it. I want you to think about that next time you listen to a song. Enjoy! When there was a tie I decided what song was the best and the one that I chose stayed and the other one went below. Also in the blurbs I wrote about the song, if it won one, I wrote down if it won an extra categories (Most Touching, Best Message, Best Singing, Best Artist).

Criteria: Message, lyrics, music, well written, video, creativity.

Judging: Anything (Message 4-5, lyrics 4-5, music 4-5, well written 5-5, video 3-5, creativity 4-5=24)
Inner Ninja (Message 4-5, lyrics 5-5, music 3 1/2-5, well written 5-5, video 4-5, creativity 5-5=26 1/2)
3 Feet Tall (Message 5-5, lyrics 5-5, music 4-5, well written 5-5, video 4-5, creativity 4-5=27)
Same Love (Message 5-5, lyrics 4-5, music 4-5, well written 5-5, video 5-5, creativity 3-5=26)
Demons (Message 4-5, lyrics 4-5, music 5-5, well written 5-5, video 5-5, creativity 4-5=28)
Rollin' (Message 4-5, lyrics 4-5, music 4-5, well written 4-5, video 2-5, creativity 4-5=22)
Royals (Message 3-5, lyrics 5-5, music 3-5, well written 5-5, video 3-5, creativity 4-5=23)
Roar (Message 4-5, lyrics 4-5, music 5-5, well written 4-5, video 3-5, creativity 3-5=23)
Little Talks (Message 3-5, lyrics 5-5, music 5-5, well written 5-5, video 4-5, creativity 3-5=25)
Hall Of Fame (Message 4-5, lyrics 5-5, music 5-5, well written 4-5, video 5-5, creativity 4-5=27)
White Walls (Message 2-5, lyrics 4-5, music 3 1/2-5, well written 4-5, video 3-5, creativity 4-5=17 1/2)
Radioactive (Message 3-5, lyrics 4-5, music 4-5, well written 5-5, video 5-5, creativity 4-5=25)
Cups (Message 3-5, lyrics 5-5, music 4-5, well written 4-5, video 5-5, creativity 5-5=26)
Some Nights (Message 3-5, lyrics 4-5, music 4-5, well written 4-5, video 4-5, creativity 3-5=22)
The Fox Song (Message 2-5, lyrics 4-5, music 5-5, well written 3-5, video 4-5, creativity 5-5=23)
Don't You Worry Child (Message 3-5, lyrics 5-5, music 5-5, well written 4-5, video 3-5, creativity 3-5=23)
Red Hands (Message 3-5, lyrics 4-5, music 5-5, well written 4-5, video 4-5, creativity 3-5=23)
Brave (Message 4-5, lyrics 4-5, music 4-5, well written 5-5, video 5-5, creativity 5-5=27)

10. Anything, Hedley, 24
One of my favorite songs of all time. Also the first time I heard Hedley's name. The video was the only problem. "Explicit" doesn't cut it. It had almost nothing to do with the song.

9. Radioactive, Imagine Dragons, 25
The video truly tells you what the imagine dragons were looking for in this song. The video, though not immediately making sense with the song, has a great message and you have to make connections to be able to tell what it's about so it's fun to watch.

8. Little Talks, Of Monsters And Men, 25
This is a song that Of Monsters And Men needed. Even though it'd not popular,
people do check out this Swedish band's stuff. Awesome riff.

7. Cups, Anna Kendrick, 26, Best Singing
WOW. This song is amazing! The cup rhythm part is the best, and they truly took advantage of that in the video. She's also an amazing singer.

6. Same Love, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Ft. Mary Lambert, 26, Best Message
This is also one of my favorite songs of all time. Gays are commonly made fun of by rap, and they decided that they would change that, with classic Macklemore awesomeness.

5. Inner Ninja, Classified, 26 1/2, Best Artist
Classified has been killing it lately, and been writing meaningful songs, often about bullying. This song is really satisfying. It has a even balance of chorus and verse, killer rapping in the verses, and in a Classifiedy fashion, kids doing the chorus.

4. Hall Of Fame, The Script Ft., 27
This was the begining of's short streak of popularity. He comes out of nowhere and comes out with this and Scream And Shout. This is my favorite song of his, and the first time I heard of The Script. The piano line is my favorite part, and the video is really cool.

3. Brave, Sara Bareilles, 27
This song is all about screwing what other people think, and just doing what you believe in. Also the video got me thinking, maybe there could be a Random Dance Day, where you dance whenever and wherever you want?

2. 3 Foot Tall, Classified, 27, Best Artist
This is rap at it's best. I believe this is one of the songs that really deserve there spot here. Packed with ,metaphors, Classified raps about bullying and being a team, two subjects not often covered by rap. WARNING: In the background of a part of the video there's some swear words, but I still put it up because I think it supports the message, unlike Anything.

1. Demons, Imagine Dragons, 28, Most Touching
This is alternative at it's best. It truly touches your heart. As I said earlier, you have to watch the video for a Imagine Dragons song to get the message. It's about forgetting the bad things that  happened to you, and moving on, because if you stick with something bad, it'll bite you back, in my eyes. It's even dedicated to someone who died of cancer. You don't see that every day. P.S. Don't watch the video. It's depressing and addicting. I don't even know why I posted it.

Thanks for reading, although it took me allot of work, it was fun. Hope you enjoyed and a Macklemore And Ryan Lewis style sign-off, "No freedom 'till we're equal, damn right I support it." Have a good day.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

My Favourite Skateboard Tricks

I've decided that it would be cool to do a few top 10's of my favorite things this season. So the first one that I'll do is skateboard tricks. It's not gonna be a legit top ten, but it'll be my favorites. I'll also do my favorite skaters. P.S. this probably won't make sense to non-skaters so I'll post pictures, but it still won't make sense.

Best Grab: Benihana
Reason: Looks great, is old school, especially awesome to fakie, and is impossible to pronounce.
Best Grind: Backside Smith
Reason: Smiths are without doubt one of the least done tricks, but they're still really cool, and the way people are tweaking them just is awesome.

Best Slide: Frontside Noseblunt
Reason: Incredibly hard, they look best down a rail.

Best Flip Trick: 360 Flip
Reason: You can make them look good anywhere! Flat, up something, down something, or on a bank. Also it has a million names.

Best Lip Trick: Disaster
Reason: Same deal with Benihana, old school's on the rise, and tricks like this are getting cooler and cooler.

Best Tranny Skater: Tom Scharr
Reason: He makes 900's look lame, and he's  got them on lock. He's the first and youngest person to do a 1080, and is truly leading the wave of young, amazing tranny skaters.

Best Street Skater: Nyjah Huston
Reason: This guy is the greatest street skater ever. Period, end of sentence. He's got the craziest stuff in his bag of tricks, and he's pretty young. The only problem is he does Kickflip Frontside Boardslides, otherwise awesome skater.

And last, and definitely least...

Worst Looking Trick: Kickflip Frontside Boardslide
Reason: Everybody does it, and it just looks bad. There's no more I can say. And auto correct also doesn't like it.

Giving Tuesday

We all know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which are all about getting. Well, my teacher told us about some genius created Giving Tuesday (#givingtuesday). In our school, our Leadership Club raised $500 bucks for a well, finishing on Tuesday. We had a Coffee House were our Strings, Poetry, Ukulele, and Guitar Clubs played and we sold coffee and baked treats to raise money for the well. Thanks to everybody who participated, the music and poems were killer and the treats were delicious!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Legless Skatebaorder!

When I saw this I went WOAH. I probably will never be able to do anything that this guy does, and he has no legs! And just so you know, he's skating in Tampa Pro, which is a very big contest. Also, the judges didn't need to give him extra points because he has no legs because he's as good, if not better, than half of the guys in the contest. What a guy. And he's 5 times better than me.

Monday, 25 November 2013

A Crazily Awesome Video!

Hi peeps, this is a video I found that's just awesome. This video proves that everybody can make a friend, and if your nervous about something, be brave! It might just turn out in your favor. SPOILER ALERT: My personal favorite is when the person that has fake teeth meets the other person with fake teeth and the second person's face. On that note, this video also proves that you're never alone.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Free Rice

Personal memo: I probably should have posted this way earlier. Anyway, my teacher showed this awesome site called free rice. It lets you answer question and for every question you get right, they donate 10 grains of rice to the WFP (World Food Program)! How awesome is that?! Here's there site:

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Anything By Hedley

O.K., I admit it, I am OBSESSED with this song. I LOVE it! It's my new sing-while-I-walk-to-school song. Here's a lyric video, lyrics, and chords to get this song stuck in the whole worlds head! By the way, this is the clean version. By the way number two, with a little help from this link,, I put this together.

Lyric Video

Everybody said, you better stay in school,
Get a real job, boy, don't be a fool,
Burn that guitar, you can never be a star,
I can, I can, I can, so
Prechorus  G
A thousand disbelievers couldn't keep me on the ground,
I've invented a momentum that'll never slow me down,
I believe it cause I feel it, and I shout it out loud,
I can, I can, I can, so
Everybody said, boy, don't go any higher,
Uh uh, forget that, I can do anything,
Never push the limit, and don't play with fire,
Uh uh, forget that, I can do anything,
Na na na na na na na na na na na na na
Wear my heart on my fist take you by surprise fighter,
Uh uh, forget that, I can do anything

Be a movie star, or rock a main stage,
An X-Box tester, or an astronaut in space,
If they tell you that you can't, you can shove it in their face,
I can, I can, I can, so
A thousand disbelievers couldn't keep me on the ground,
I've invented a momentum that'll never slow me down,
I believe it cause I feel it, and I shout it out loud,
I can, I can, I can, so
Everybody said, boy, don't go any higher,
Uh uh, forget that, I can do anything,
Never push the limit, and don't play with fire,
Uh uh, forget that, I can do anything,
Na na na na na na na na na na na na na
Wear my heart on my fist take you by surprise fighter,
Uh uh, forget that, I can do anything

(Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I can do anything,
Never try, never win, never get a break,
You miss a hundred percent of the shots you never take,

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh x2

Everybody said boy, don't go any higher,
Uh uh, forget that, I can do anything,
Never push the limit, and don't play with fire,
Uh uh, forget that, I can do anything,
Everybody said, boy, don't go any higher,
Uh uh, forget that, I can do anything,
Never push the limit, and don't play with fire,
Uh uh, forget that, I can do anything,
Na na na na na na na na na na na na na
Wear my heart on my fist take you by surprise fighter,
Uh uh, forget that, I can do anything

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na
Everybody said, boy, don't go any higher,
Uh uh, forget that, I can do anything

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

About Spam

I just noticed that I got my first spam comment. If your doing them please don't. By the way I'm not talking about canned ham. For those of you who don't know what spam is, it's when somebody makes a program that'll make a comment that's completely irrelevant to the subject in the post and advertises for something. Please don't do it, it only gets people mad. By the way if I get allot of spam then I'm going to have to check all the comments before they get published.

Da News O' Awesome!

First of all, (I don't how many times I've said this) sorry for not posting. I've just been SOO busy that I didn't have time. O.K. That's a lie. I just had nothing to post about. But now I do. 1000 PAGEVEIWS!!! Thanks SOO much people!  I also want you to comment on how you feel about school starting. Were you hyped? Were you sad? I was hyped to see all my freinds but sad to not be able to go and skate for 2 hours whenever I want. Love it when you guys give feedback, just so ya know.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Imagine Dragons: Band Review #3

The Imagine Dragons are an alternative band from the states that I really love. There music really varies from very electronic sounding to very soft and acoustic. Allot of there songs also have a sad feel, too. Here are some of my favorite tracks from them. Enjoy!


It's Time

On The Top Of The World


Friday, 21 June 2013


My favourite recipe. Enjoy!

My World’s Best, Most Delish, Swaggified Bacon Pancakes

There are two ways to make Pat’s World’s Best, Most Delish, Swaggified Bacon Pancakes.

#1 (Hard Way, None Of Ingredients On Earth): Ingredients: Liquid urethainium, liquid titandimum, organic jadaskitainium, and Japafoola meat.
Instructions: Mix the liquid urethainium (which you can only get from the core of the 1.5 million Km long star Hogdin.) with the liquid titandimum (which can be mined from the north-east sector of Nakuma II) in a cogdermal compressor. Set it for 500,000,000. Take that mixture (which should be rubbery) and press it with the organic jadaskitainium. Then take the Japafoola meat and turn it into a Bacon-ifier. Take the new Bacon-ified Japafoola meat and place it in the rubbery mixture. Place that in a cogdermal compressor and set it for 362698. Enjoy!

#2 (Easy Way): Ingredients: Bacon, pancakes.
Instructions: Take some bacon then put it in a pancake. 

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Bacon Pancakes

One of my new favorite songs. Enjoy!

Red Bull Perspective

So this like the second skate video I've put up in two days? Anyway, lets cut to the chase. Red Bull Perspective is a series of skate videos that I've seen and I wanted to put up. The group of skaters (They're all pro for Red Bull) is Ryan Sheckler, Ryan Decenzo, Zered Basset, and Torey Pudwill. The videos are really cool because they talk allot about where you grow up influences your skating. For example, if you live in a place where it snows in the winter and you have no indoor place to skate, then your gonna have no skating in the winter and it's gonna be hard. And even when you can skate, the streets will be all rough. So here are the videos. Enjoy!

P.S. #1 There's some swearing in the full film so watch out for that.
       #2 These guys are PROS!!! That means there sponsored by multiple company's and this is what they do      for a living. For example, Ryan Sheckler skates for Plan B and Etnies (Along with Red Bull, of course), while Torey Pudwill skates for Grizzly and Plan B (Along with Red Bull, of course). So DON"T TRY THESE TRICKS AT HOME!!! If you do make sure to wear a helmet and pads.

The Full Film

Torey Pudwill

Ryan Sheckler

Ryan Decenzo

Zered Basset

Monday, 17 June 2013

The Story Of Element (The Skateboard Company)

O.K. first your wondering: what are you talking about?! Element is a skateboard company and they put out a series of videos (Make It Count: The Element Story) that are very inspiring and shows you that no matter what position your in, you can do something big. And Element is VERY big now. They sware a bit, just so you know.

Here's the link to the channel. I can't embed the videos for some reason.

Walk Off The Earth: Band Reveiw #2

Walk Off The Earth is a sometimes pop-sometimes folk-rock Canadian (go Canada!) band that is starting to get quite popular. They've come out with hits like Red Hands and they're five person-one guitar cover of Gotye's Somebody That I Used To Know. They're nominated for a Juno Award (I have no idea witch one). Here's a few of they're songs. Enjoy!

Red Hands (Cool vid.)
Somebody That I Used To Know (VERY cool vid!!!)
Little Boxes (Another cool vid.)
Royals (Don't do this at home!)
Gang Of Rhythm (Like the theme!)


This is a little poem I wrote at my school's poetry club. Enjoy!

Pancakes, soft and sweet with maple syrup.
Eggs, so much variety.
Bagels, so good with butter.
Waffles, chewy and delicious with fruits and chocolate sauce.
Cereal, for those days when you just need to get somewhere.
Muffins, home made and fresh
And coffee, even though my parents say I can’t have any yet.

Hope you liked!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Of Monsters And Men: Band Review #1

Alright, first of all, I just want to say sorry for not posting in a while. I guess I just didn't get to it. Second of all, I'm gonna start posting music. and this is the first band of many. As you see at the title, I'm doing this one about Of Monsters And Men. They're a great folk-rock-pop group from Iceland. Here's a few of there songs. Enjoy!

Little Talks (this one's kinda popular)
King and Lionheart
Mountain Sound
Hope you enjoyed!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Latitude And Longitude Video

Hi! Today, in class for math, our student teacher, Kit, taught us a lesson about reading maps. He taught us about latitude and longitude and showed us 2 videos. Here they are. This video is really helpful in getting them down and understanding them.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Thank You!

Hey folks! I just noticed that this blog has... wait for it...
OVER 400 PAGEVIEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The awesome-o-meter is a-splodin'! Thank you SO much for your support, it really means allot! This is so much swag, it just isn't funny. Keep it coming' and the comments are awesome! Thanks so much guys 'n gals!

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Flop Video!

Hey yas all! I had this on here for a while, but I took it off because I was thinking I might make a blog specially for this stuff but I changed my mind.

This video is incredibly short but will make you laugh for a very long time. Enjoy!


My apologies that I haven't been posting lately. I was at Mont Tremblant, a ski hill, for the last 2 days. The place that I was staying had a little forest where there were, how should I put this, tracings of animals, so I'll post the pictures of that soon.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Math Peresentation #2

Hey people, this is my new Reflective Math Presentation. Hope you like!


TEAMS: People are divided into 2 groups of 13. 1 person on each group won’t be playing, he/she will just be helping the teams organize each  round.

SET UP: You need 12 tokens, and 24 people.

PLAY: The teams, starting at wholes, going to 12ths, need to get into smaller groups or the denominator and then take the amount of tokens for the nominator before the other team gets them. There is always only enough tokens for 1 team in the middle.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

About Comments

Hey peoples, I just want to tell you some stuff about comments. I really love when people say good stuff about my blog and then they say the stuff that needs to be worked on, that kind of comment fits on any post. When it's just random, I'll probably delete it. It's also nice when people comment about the post or what I told them to comment about. See yas all!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Parental Guidance Movie Review

Today I watched this movie called "Parental Guidance". It was about a grandfather that recently got fired from his job as a baseball announcer and his wife taking care of there grandchildren after the Mom of the grandchildren called them saying her husband and her are going on a trip for a week because the husband had been nominated for a prize for his invention. But the parents don't trust the grandparents. So the movie's about the stuff they do for the week that the parents are gone. really good movie and definitely worth to see with your family. And I don't think it's rated PG.

Here's the trailer.

Does Scaredy Squirrel Have a Meaning?

Hey people, this is just something random that I really wanted to post up. Sometimes I think about the craziest things, and today I thought of something crazy: Does Scaredy Squirrel Have a Meaning? I know your thinking 'Seriously?' but I'm serious. Think about it: in every Scaredy Squirrel book, he tries something new that he didn't want to do in the start. I don't know, but I think this is a pretty good thought on my part. Post what you think about it. Bye!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Pandas and our school-what do they have in common?

You might be wondering-Pandas and our school, what do they have in common? Well there's 2 reasons, #1, Pandas are adorable and we love them. #2, Were now doing a contest involved with them! 2 Pandas are coming to the Toronto Zoo and they want somebody to sing "Oh Canada" to welcome them! FedEx is hosting a contest for those who want to do that! How it works is your school can enter ONE video, any more will get your school disqualified, by a band/ensemble, no singles, on to YouTube and then submit it. If you win, you get to go to Toronto with the rest of your crew and do the singing of "Oh Canada"das to the Pandas! The song were doing is "We Are Going To Be Freinds" by The White Stripes (really cool band).

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

WHERE Challenge

This is my WHERE Challenge research. The WHERE Challenge is a contest where you take a product and say where all the little bits are from and how there made, kinda like a How It’s Made episode. We are doing this in class. Enjoy! Click here to go to there website.

WHERE challenge notes

-In 1876, the Canadian Alexander Graham Bell invented the microphone.

-In 1886, Thomas Edison invented the first practical carbon microphone.


How Microphones Are Manufactured

First, factory robots make the support piece out of brass. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Alloys are two metals combined to make one metal. The top copper mining countries are Chile, U.S.A., Peru, China, Australia, Indonesia, Russia, Canada and Zambia, but it is mined around the world. The top zinc mining countries are Australia, Canada, China, Peru and the U.S.A. There also are a few places where Brass naturally occurs. Then they make the retainer ring which that will hold in place the 3 layers of metal mesh.  They sauter the mesh together and a press folds the mesh into a curved shape. After that, they cut the mesh in half. Both pieces will be used in the microphone grill. They pour glue in the retainer ring. They heat the glue so it will stay.

Next, a drill puts holes in a disc many times for ventilation. This disc will be part of one of the two microphones capsules. A microphone capsule is the component that transfers the sound waves into electrical current. After that, they will take a drill and shave the disc so it’s smooth, and a worker will put the disc into a holding fixture after brush off the access shavings. Then they place a membrane made of gold and plastic onto it. Membranes are basically filters for chemicals, and the world’s top gold mining countries are China, Australia, The U.S., Russia, Peru, and Indonesia. Then they put an electrical lead on the membrane which is a special wire, essentially, that connects circuits. Then they attach the membrane to the capsule and file away extra membrane plastic. Now they completed the capsule! After they take the capsule and attach it onto another, put a circle of aluminum around the perimeter. A couple capsules allow the mic to record from multiple directions.

They attach a plastic support to the capsules so the capsules and the handle can stay attached. Plastic is made of crude oil. Then they take the support piece from earlier and wire it up to an electronics system. After adding switches, the worker attaches the grill to the capsules and then the electrical system. Then they slide the metal covering onto the other bits, and then he secures it with a screw-cap.

Then they do the checks of the switches, and the sound check. In a special room they test different frequencies on it. If the mic passes these and several other checks, then they get to the packing and get shipped off to be sold.




Monday, 4 March 2013

“Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader”

Here’s my spin on “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader”. In class we do this thing called “Reflective Math” and how it works is we copy a bunch of stuff to make sure we understand the subject and then we get to the fun part. We get to present that subject in WHATEVER way we want! This is my project on “Decimal Operations”. So, here’s my spin on “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader”. You folks are also going to get to participate! All you need to do is put your answers in the comments! I will tell the answers soon.


Decimal Operations Edition

Question #1:

If Pat had 4.52 of a smartie and Mollie had 8.47 of one, then how many would they have in total?

A: 13.00

B: 12.99

C: 17.83

D: 11.79
Question #2:

If Madi had 9/10 of a pita, and she just happened to want to give Pat 1/3.54, what percentage would she have left? (this question is impossible so just ignore it. I'll post a correct version soon.)

A: 4.91

B: 6.31

C: 5.46

D: 5.40
Question #3: If Bison Man flew 8.94 kilometers and then Really-OP-Strong-Dude hit him back 3.47 kilometers and then he traveled 1.83 kilometers, how far would Bison Man need to travel to reach him?

A: 7.3 Km

B: 5.81 Km

C: 2.63 Km

D: 3.64 Km
Question #4: If for the new pizza order 13 people in the class wanted 1 piece of pizza, 11 people wanted 2 pieces, and 1 piece cost 2.50$, then how much money would the total be?

A: 80

B: 82.50

C: 87.50

D: 82

Fractured Fairy Tale

Here is my fractured fairy tale that I’ve been doing in class. Fractured fairy tales are fairy tales that have been changed. For example mine is an interview about Captain Hook's side of the Peter Pan story. So, I guess here it is!

This might be a bit glitchy for you 'cause it was for me.


Captain Hook, with his REAL name being Steven, has been interviewed by us, The Land of Stories Free Press! This exclusive interview tells about Steve’s young years! Our very own Duncan Reportsallot, from our villain column, has done this very exclusive encounter!

Us: Well Mr. Hook, you have quite the history, with the kerfuffle Mr. Pan and all?

The Captain: Yes. That was an event of quite significance in my life, after all, that was my debut of importance in the fairy tale world.

Us: Do you want to be called Mr. Hook?

The Captain: I would prefer to be called Steven, but whatever you want.

Us: Good. So what was your childhood like?

The Captain: It was very sad. I grew up very rich and spoiled, after all, my father was an owner of a very popular ship building company, thus leading to my naval experiences, but my uncle, Hermin, was very poor. My father never had a good relationship with him, so Hermin robbed us of all our money when I was 7 and left us on the street homeless.

Us: Was that a big blow to you?

The Captain: Yes, because I grew up so rich so I took a very long time to adjust to the homeless life. It really didn’t make sense to me, being homeless, I thought everybody had the same wealth as I did before being robbed.

Us: What happened after that? I am very interested about this.

The Captain: Then I, just me, no father, got abducted by some malicious pirates and was forced to be the janitor of the ship. It was like a peacock with some monkeys!

Us: How did you get your ship?

The Captain: I took their ship over with the other boys on her. It was quite the challenge because the pirates were well armed, but I guess my luck increased right there and then. We used whatever we had for weapons, logs, brooms, mops, you get the point.

Us: What did the ship look like?

The Captain: She was a beauty, a Gerniser, if I remember correctly. Gerniser is a German ship building company. Anyway, it was made of lemonwood, which is the best wood in the business, and a couple others like maple and spruce for decoration. Oh yes, and it had a big Jolly Roger on it, a straight up beauty.

Us: Where does Mr. Pan come in?

The Captain: Well, Mr. Pan just happened to be Hermin’s SON, so I wanted to kill him for revenge.

Us: Isn’t that a bit harsh?

The Captain: Well, his father really wrecked my childhood, and put our family into debt because he used all the money in gambling!

Us: Wow, how time flies! We’re out of time! Next week: Pan has his side!